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Forsa Alum

​FORSA has designed a construction system aimed at the mass production of concrete housing. The system it’s sustained in the daily use of an aluminum cast that makes at one time 100% of a housing unit’s structure (Unfinished work).



Aluminum formwork 2 ties for housing construction

With aluminum formwork FORSA PLUS productivity is guaranteed, because the progress of work is faster, orderly, progressive and completely safe, and also the builder can get more savings in their projects without losing quality.


Forsa Acero

Practical and sturdy design: formwork with high strength steel frames and plywood contact face which makes it the lightest and strongest in the market.

INGENAL Colombia.jpg

Private Sector

  • Compounds and complexes

  • High-rise and low-rise projects

  • Investment projects 

  • Infrastructure development


Public Sector

  • Government housing projects

  • Ministries and Branches Staff housing projects

  • Infrastructure development

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